Prom Shoes

As soon as the time for prom arrives, every girl gets busy in selecting her prom dress in which she would look like a princess. The outfit is very important, but equally important is to accessorize it properly. Shoes are the most important accessory and thus, you must be very careful when picking your prom shoes or sandals.

Shoes can make or break your appearance. Wrong prom shoes can make you look strange, wrong-heighted and can even give you trouble on the dance floor. On the other hand, well matched, comfortable prom shoes will enhance your look, make you stand-out beautifully and enable you to dance properly with your special date.

Some important tips for selecting the right prom shoes are:

Get the right size. Too large shoes would be uncomfortable to dance in, whereas too tight shoes could be painful.

Get the right heels. You must be able to carry yourself properly. You do not want to look too tall or too short. Also, select your prom shoes keeping in mind the height of your date.

Get the right style. The shoes must go well with your dress both in terms of style and color. If you are wearing a dress with glitters, metallic shade prom shoes would go well with it.

Prom Shoes Red Prom Shoes Skin Prom Shoes White Prom Shoes Pink Prom Shoes Silver

As Prom night is too much special everything is important for it like Prom dress, Prom updos, Prom jewelry and even Prom shoes. One of the most important thing that is to be consider with your dress choice, jewelry and all. There are different types of shoes like Moulin Rouge, Pleasure, Claire, Joy, Juliet, Krista, Passion Bridal Shoes, Lauren, Eclipse, Total Eclipse, Macy, Eva, Mid Heels, High Heels, Low Heels, Sky Highs.

Following are Some Types of Shoes

Prom Shoes Pointed Black Prom Shoes Pix1

RSVP Sabine

These shoes are best for sophisticated look. These are elegant, redefined and pointy toed. Its heels are generally 2.75" with silk. Its features are simple but feminine bow. It comes in 4 colors that are black, red, silver and navy.

Prom Shoes Lightblue Prom Shoes Pix2

Nina Vanilla

Nina Vanilla is most of people's favorite shoes. This sandal has simple straps with slide. It is covered with shimmery jewels. This is perfect suit to any sandals. It comes in following colors silver, black, turquoise, ruby, gold, pink and lime. It is available in 3.5" heels. So if you are not comfortable with heels then don't try to used it.

Unlisted Sing With Me

Prom Shoes Hills Black Prom Shoes Hills Pink Prom Shoes Hills Blue Prom Shoes Pix3

These sandals are come in many colors and it is also called as pretty sandals. It is available in several styles. Its heels are just on 2" so it too much comfortable for dancing.

It comes in many classic colors including black, magenta, indigo and shamrock.

Prom Shoes Silver Prom Shoes Pix4

Pixie - Sexy Shoes with Lower Heels

Some women are not comfortable with higher heels. Don't worry these pixies for those women only. It has low heels and under 2". It has a big jewel in center and thong straps. It has good look with simple flowing fabrics. It comes in following colors like gold, black, silver and bronze.

Prom Shoes Silver Black

Prom Shoes Pix5

Pelle Moda Heavenly 2

These shoes are specially for dancing purpose and Prom evening. These are comes in silver, black, and metallic. It has 1.75" heels.

Prom Shoes Gold Pink Prom Shoes Pix6

Julep T-Straps with Bling

Julep shoes are sparkly. It is perfect for simple dress. It comes with 2.25" heels. It comes in black, gold and silver color.

Prom Shoes Black Silver Prom Shoes Pix7

Malibu - A Touch of Bohemian Chic

Most of the women love these sandals. It has 2.25" heels and 3 slim straps. This sandal is called as super stylish sandals. It is also comfortable for dancing. It comes in pink, gold, and mint colors.

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