Prom Flowers

Prom is a much awaited event. Everyone wants to look their best and start their shopping quite in advance. One of the traditions of prom is the prom flowers. The guys give a bouquet or corsage to the girls and the girls buy a boutonniere for her date. Generally, the guys and girls pre-plan and buy flowers so that it matches with their dress and the prom theme. Prom flowers include roses, carnation, orchids, calla lilies, silk and freesia. Red roses are presented to love. Freesia, on the other hand, comes in subtle colors like pink, lavender and white and signifies innocence.

The types of prom flowers are:

Corsage Corsage is bought by boys and presented to girls. A guy presents a corsage to the girl when he picks her up for the prom. Corsage is either worn on left wrist or is pinned to the left shoulder.

Bouquets A boy buys the bouquet for his date and presents her with the flowers when picking her up. Bouquets are held in heft hand and they match with the corsage.

Boutonnieres The girl presents the boutonniere to the boy. It is generally a single bud and is placed at the buttonhole or pinned to the left lapel of the tuxedo.

Pictures of Prom Flowers

Prom Flower Redyellow Prom Flower Pink Prom Flower Redlarge
Prom Flower Redsmall Prom Flower Whitered Prom Flower Yellow
Prom Flower Pinkwhite Leaf Prom Flower Yellowwhite Leaf Prom Flower White Leaf
Prom Flower Purple Prom Flower Small Leaf Prom Flower White  Blackleaf

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