Easy Hair Updos

In the morning, when you are running late, you cannot spend much time on hair. Or when you need to go to a party at a shot notice, you cannot run to a hair stylist. For those times, you must try the easy updos. Easy updos like the messy updos, buns, side buns or half updos can give you an attractive look. Though it may seem that the plush updos will take hours to create, they are actually very easy to do and donít take more than five minutes. You can do them all by yourself without the need of a stylist. Choose the one that suits you and be ready for office or a beach party in no time.

Messy Updo Ė The messy updo is easy and quick to style. Take large strands of hair and start pinning them with bobby pins at the lower part of head. Avoid pinning the hair in any order. Make sure the bun you create has a messy look about it. Use some hairspray to keep the style intact. This will give you a rather chic look and will be done in no time. Use a jeweled headband and you are good to go for a party.

Side bun Ė This hairstyle gives a very fresh look. You can experiment with your side bun by styling it into a messy updo or you can try side parting with braided bangs. Also, you can make a simple sleek side updo. For the sleek updo, pull your hair on one side. Twist them and pull them up to make a swirling bun. Pin them in place to keep it secure. It is sophisticated and stylish and very feminine. It is very simple and can be done in almost no time. Accessorize it with hair jewels and you are good for any occasion.

These updos practically take no time. However, you must keep experimenting with them. Wearing the same hairstyle everyday could be very boring. Have a different hairstyle and a different look every day. Donít go just by what you see or read. Try your own versions and personalize your hairstyle in your own way. This will ensure that you have a nice hairstyle with minimal efforts and time.

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