African American Prom Updos

Planning for a prom night? It's time to sparkle and shine. Prom night is supposed to be the most memorable event of your life when you get an opportunity to look unique and carry yourself in your own unique way. When it comes to prom updos, you can get endless options in African American prom updos. They comprise complex braids, cornrows, dreadlocks or weaves. You can choose a simple, romantic, classic, elegant or funky look for your prom night. While preparing for prom night, firstly, choose a nice dress and shoes to match it. Choose a hairstyle which you can carry for the whole night, which looks great and won't embarrass you for ten years from now.

Let us have a look at the recent prom hairstyles for 2010.

  • Half updo Half updos give a romantic and stylish feel to your personality. Create a French braid by pulling the curled strands of hair and pin them at the back.
  • Chignon Tie a loose, low pony tail. Braid it and roll it up to form a classic updo called Chignon.
  • Do the twist You can roll your hair from bangs, all the way down behind the neck which will give you a Victorian Era look.
  • Low Ponytail You can tie a low ponytail and cover the elastic band with a strand of your own hair.
  • Braids They can be used to part hair glamorously or to frame your bun or chignon.
  • Let it Loose With no options left for your prom night updos, you can keep your hair as they are by letting them loose.

'African American prom hairstyles' is a vast collection of unique hairstyles from which you can choose for your prom 'Avatar' for this year.

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