2012 Prom Updos

Hairstyles should suit your face and your personality. Trends also represent the season and it depends a lot on the length of your hair. Assure that the change you aim for in your look with the hair updos is achievable. But, being trendy is not restricted to a specific hairstyle; you can experiment and flaunt your own style.


Braid your hair from the sides and let them overlap and tie them together behind. Make some stylish bangs at the side and on your forehead. Let your hair cover your ears a bit. This gives volume to your hair. As you over lap the braids on top of each other it looks like a bun. This is a combination of formal and casual look. It gives a very unique look and sophisticated, yet cool and trendy.

Short hair:

When you have short hair to the length of your shoulders you can create a parting at the side and comb it behind a bit. Use curls to curl your hair and give it volume. Pull your hair on one shoulder, this looks elegant. This does not look like a made up hair style but looks natural. You can tuck a flower at the side above your ears to match the color of your prom dress.

Pony looks trendy:

Comb your hair a bit high and tie a simple pony. Curl the pony inwards to make it look trendy. If you have long hair and are wearing a pony you can let the pony flow over your shoulders and tie the pony a bit low.

Prom Updos 2012 Pictures

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