2011 Prom Updos

Prom night is a night out which you have been eagerly awaiting since long. You want to look and feel your best. You take a lot of efforts choosing your prom dress, but your hairstyle for the prom is important too. It should be your style statement and reflect your personality. Prom updos exemplify the hottest celebrity trends. As the celebrities walk the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards or Academy Awards, hair updos are watched and then emulated my many. You can use these hairstyles for the prom night.

Buns look neat:

The formal and neat look is probably the talk of 2011 prom updo trends. You can tie a pony high on your head and spread your hair and pin it into a bun. Just flare up your hair by holding the hair tips and pin it inward. This gives a semi formal and neat fresh look and looks absolutely gorgeous. You can compliment it with diamond earrings.

Another option is to roll your hair a bit lower at the side. Pull some bangs on your forehead. This looks formal and sophisticated. Match this updo with long earrings.

Flow your hair:

The easiest way to magnify your beauty and make a mark of your subtle demeanor is to let your hair flow and let it loose, if you have long hair. Create a blurred parting in the middle and comb your hair down neatly. Curl your hair, these curls flow on your shoulders so elegantly that it will catch the inward eyes of many.

Curl up:

This will take a bit of your time. You can turn the front part of your hair on one side, comb it either on the left or right side and give a fluff. The rest of your hair needs to be curled and pinned up. Leave the ends of your hair loose. Steal some hair from the sides and let the curl flow near your ears at the side and flaunt some small curls on your forehead.

You can match your hairstyle according to the prom theme and make your night out memorable.

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